Factus offers short term corporate financing if it is not available from public bank institutions. No collateral claim is required, or at least not such as traditional credit institutions would require. Therefore, Factus makes strong demands regarding information about operations, financials, cash flow status and future plans. During the funding progress, Factus will monitor that funds are allocated in line with the loan request and that work is performed according to plan.

Monitoring depends on the scope of operations, the loan amount and collateral. In certain cases, a Factus employee will be placed as manager with procuration until funding has been repaid.

Funding from Factus is in the shor term (bridge funding), at the time of lending a comprehensive plan should exist regarding when and how the loans will be paid back.

Loans from Factus can, among other things, suit companies with seasonal fluctuations in business for example, in the case of property sales or refinancing etc.

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Factus offers lenders advice and services to supervise the management of credit and business / economic / cash flow during the loan period.

Control depends on the scope of operations, the loan amount and insurance, but in many cases makes Factus requirements for employee Factus placing manager with procuration while funding lasts.

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